Travel Nurse and CompanionKeystone caregivers are available to accompany a client on a trip or vacation, as long as prior arrangements are made with our office. Our private nurses or health aides offer support services to the family by coming along on the trip to take care of medication management, wound care, or ambulatory exercises. They may care for an Alzheimer’s patient, assist with a feeding tube, or change a dressing.

Bringing a private nurse along on a trip can allow the family to attend to other business duties or take time off for fun while on vacation. The caregiver or companion can either stay with the loved one while the family goes off for an activity, or can remain with the patient to assist during the activity.

Additionally, we can provide respite care in your home if the primary caregiver needs to go out of town. Our Home Health Aides can assist with activities of daily living, give medication reminders, or do whatever else needs to be done in the family’s absence.

Keystone’s travel support caregivers provide:

  • Companionship or private nursing care on a trip or vacation
  • Medication management
  • Family support
  • Activities of daily living (ADL), such as walking or bathing
  • Wound care
  • Post-surgical care (orthopedic surgeries, etc.)
  • Ambulatory care and exercises

Contact us if you are planning a trip and would like a nurse or Home Health Aide to accompany you.