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November Blues

November 24th, 2015 by Sue Sullivan

Hi Everyone,

Here come the Holidays!

It has been a beautiful autumn in New England. When the days become shorter and the season changes sometimes our loved ones experience sadness. The holidays are approaching; our minds can wander and revisit the loss of a loved one. Just the sound of certain music, or the overload on television, radio and Internet, of holiday times can be depressing.

Help break up that time. All of us can experience melancholy but sometimes for our older family members it is more difficult. They may not be able to get out as freely and so there are longer hours to daydream or reflect on losses.

A surprise visit can lighten a lonely person’s mood and make their day. Bring along someone’s favorite dish or a baked good and join them for a bite. It is good to stay in touch. Everyone is busy and only if we make the time and insist on the visit do we make new memories.

Include your elder relatives in the holidays and don’t take NO for an answer. Sometimes people say no but they really don’t want to be a bother. New memories are good for everyone. Try it—you will be glad you did.

Happy Holidays!