Live-in Caregivers for a Senior Family Member
Posted June 26th, 2014 by Sue Sullivan

A live-in caregiver for a senior family member who can no longer be alone is ideal. The care recipient only needs to become familiar with one or two caregivers, there is less traffic in your house and there is less training time with fewer caregivers involved.

Rules for live-in caregivers

When deciding if a live-in caregiver is the right choice for your elderly family member you need to be mindful of the rules associated with live-in caregivers. The live-in caregiver must have break time built into their day. This can be a challenge for families who do not live near to their loved one and if the care recipient cannot be left alone for even a short while.

The live-in caregiver must also be able to get a good night’s sleep in order to provide the best care during the daytime. If your family member needing care is up multiple times during the night then a live-in caregiver may need supplemental homecare support. It is important to understand your family member’s sleep patterns before selecting care options.

A reputable homecare agency will help advise you on homecare options and help you select the best homecare option for your loved one.


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One Response to “Live-in Caregivers for a Senior Family Member”

  1. Annamaria Iannetti says:

    In need of a nurse to perform 5 days a week overnight care as well as some afternoons. I have a 66 year old father who with a TBI and who is recently blind due to a stroke this year. He has a great nurse however, we are trying to find a better fit to our dads needs.