The Importance of Good Hydration
Posted August 31st, 2012 by Sue Sullivan

Hydration is something we are all more aware of as a result of the excessive heat of our recent summer. It is something to keep in mind with our elders no matter the season.

A client was recovering from a hip injury. She was in considerable pain and was doing her best to follow doctor’s orders.
She spent most of her day in her recliner. Her home was set up so that she could easily access her bathroom using her walker. However, she did not share her decision to limit her fluid (water) intake because of the severity of her pain while going to the bathroom. Nor did she want to trouble anyone for assistance.

During a visit her family noticed that she appeared dazed and had difficulty speaking. They called 911. The client was transported to the hospital where it was determined she was dehydrated. As a result of this life threatening episode we were able to help her understand the importance of drinking plenty of water with her medication and see that she had help getting to the bathroom more often.

Hydration is critical. Knowing your loved one’s condition and understanding the side effects of their medication is critical to their well being. Working with a Home Care & Private Nursing agency to follow up on care and available options is the best
way to keep your loved safe and comfortable. Sue.

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