What kind of home care services do you offer?Home Health Care Services
Our caregivers can assist you in your private home, in an assisted living community, or at a nursing home or hospital. Keystone provides:

  • Licensed Registered Nurses
  • Nurses Assistants
  • Certified Home Health Aides
  • Homemakers
  • Companions
  • Hospice Nurses
  • Travel Nurses

How do you hire your caregivers? How do you screen employees? Do you carry insurance on your employees?
All Keystone employees submit to very strict hiring standards. After a detailed interview and orientation process, they are all skill-checked and undergo a competency test. We require a background in healthcare, and ask for experience backed by at least 3 professional references. All employees must have active licenses in Massachusetts. They are not assigned any case until their state criminal history background check is received and approved, and until their motor vehicle check is received and approved. Keystone employees are fully bonded and insured. We carry Professional Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and General Liability Insurance.

Is Keystone registered with the State of Massachusetts?
Keystone Staffing is registered with the State of Massachusetts (Reg #TV1M) for the temporary placement of nurses, other nursing personnel, and Home Health Aides. Keystone Staffing is registered with the State of Massachusetts as an employment agency that employs domestic help. We are also a member of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

How soon do services start?
KKeystone begins work immediately once the initial assessment is complete and the appropriate qualified staff is available. A 24/7 business, we have an excellent on-call system and are in touch regardless of weekdays or weekends.

What other services can you help us access?
Keystone is connected to our community and can refer our clients to other appropriate services if necessary. While we do not endorse any company specifically, we can recommend those our clients have successfully worked with in the past. We can also direct you to your local senior center, which will have a list of vendors who regularly work with elders.

Can you assist with writing checks or other financial matters?
By law, we are not allowed to deal with financial matters for our patients. Your local senior center should be able to recommend a list of certified financial individuals who could work with your loved one.

Can the caregiver accompany a client on a trip or vacation?
Yes, we can provide travel nurses or companions as long as arrangements are made with the office. See our Travel Support page for more information.

Do you provide back-up coverage if the scheduled worker cannot come to work (gets sick, car won’t start, etc.)?
We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We understand that everything must go right 100% of the time. Because of this, we promise that we will never drop a case or fail to deliver. We will be present on the job whenever we say we will be. If a worker gets sick, we will send another caregiver in his or her place. At no time with our client be left unattended during prearranged schedules.

Do you supervise homecare cases?
Yes, each of our Keystone care aides must turn in a written note with his or her daily time slip, indicating the condition in which the patient was found – whether s/he was crying, needs new shoes, lost weight, has any bruises, or has spoiled food in the refrigerator. These comments are then passed along to the family, keeping everyone in the loop.

Do you work with specialized insurance cases?
We do take on complicated workers’ compensation cases. We can also assist with paperwork for long-term care insurance and for those receiving veterans’ benefits.